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Supplier of PPR Pipe Fittings in Mumbai

Supplier of PPR Pipe Fittings in Mumbai

Parthiv Polymers is one of the leading Manufacturer and Supplier of PPR Pipe Fittings in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

Parthiv Polymers established in 1999, offers an extensive array of products tailored to diverse industries’ needs.

Our specialty lies in plastic fittings, including PPRC pipe fittings, PPCH pneumatic fittings, HDPE fittings, and PP fittings, catering to a range of industrial needs with precision and reliability.

PPR pipe fittings are components used to connect and manipulate polypropylene random copolymer (PPR) pipes in plumbing and heating systems. They ensure secure and leak-proof joints for water distribution and conveyance.

What sets our PPR Pipe Fittings apart is their superior performance and precision engineering. Made from premium-grade polypropylene random copolymer.

We understand the importance of seamless installations and efficient plumbing systems. We design our PPR Pipe Fittings for easy assembly, ensuring hassle-free installation and minimal maintenance.

Parthiv Polymers’ PPR Pipe Fittings feature premium-grade polypropylene, offering exceptional resistance to corrosion, abrasion, and chemicals, ensuring durability and reliability.

PPR Pipe Fittings find applications across residential, commercial, and industrial sectors for hot and cold water systems, heating systems, air compression units, and chemical transportation networks.

Parthiv Polymers is a Supplier of PPR Pipe Fittings in Mumbai, Maharashtra and locations such as Borivali, Andheri, Bandra, Panvel, Mira Road, Charkop, Ghatkopar, Badlapur, Kalyan, Ambernath, Ulhasnagar, Bhiwandi, Kharghar, Taloja, Nerul, Turbe, Pawane, Mahape, Digha.

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