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Supplier of PPR Pipe in Nagpur

Supplier of PPR Pipe in Nagpur

Parthiv Polymers are Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier of PPR Pipe in Nagpur, Maharashtra.
Parthiv Polymers, an esteemed ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company.

We specialize in HDPE, PPR, PP, and PPCH Pneumatic Pipes known for their extended lifespan and reliability.
Constructed from polypropylene, our PPRC pipes are resilient, capable of withstanding temperatures up to 100°C,
suitable for both hot and cold water applications.

Available in various sizes, our pipes ensure durability and easy installation.
Our PPR pipes inhibit bacterial growth, ensuring compliance with high hygienic standards and non-toxicity.


Material: Polypropylene Random Copolymer (PPRC)
Size: 20mm (1/2’’) to 315mm (12’’)
Pressure: PN10/PN16/PN20
Colors: Green, white, grey, or customized
Length: 3 meters & 5 meters per piece
Standard: IS 15801, DIN 8077
Connection: Socket fusion


Easy Installation: Lightweight and easy to handle, PPR pipes simplify the installation process. Utilizing jointing techniques
like heat fusion welding, they ensure secure and leak-free connections, expediting installations.

Durability and Longevity:

Parthiv Polymers’ PPR pipes exhibit remarkable durability, resisting corrosion and chemical damage. Their robust construction
ensures a reliable and long-lasting plumbing infrastructure.

High-Temperature Resistance:

These pipes can withstand high temperatures, making them ideal for hot and cold water applications. Their stability across diverse
temperature ranges ensures a consistent and reliable water supply in any climate.

Low Maintenance:

Requiring minimal maintenance, our PPR pipes contribute to long-term cost savings. Their resistance to scaling and deposits ensures
a steady water flow without the need for frequent cleaning or repairs.

Parthiv Polymers is Supplier of PPR Pipe in Nagpur, Maharashtra and Including locations like Ahmednagar, Akola, Amravati, Aurangabad,
Bhandara, Bhusawal, Buldhana, Chandrapur, Daulatabad, Dhule, Jalgaon, Kalyan, Karli, Kolhapur, Mahabaleshwar, Malegaon, Matheran,
Mumbai, Nagpur, Nanded, Nashik, Osmanabad, Pandharpur, Parbhani, Pune, Ratnagiri, Sangli, Satara, Sevagram, Solapur, Thane, Ulhasnagar,
Vasai-Virar, Wardha, Yavatmal.